Where can I get best Neurological Physiotherapy?

Where can I get best Neurological Physiotherapy?

Neurological Physiotherapy involves the treatment of patients with functional and movement disorders, which have emerged from problems within their nervous and neuro-muscular system. Damage to the central nervous system, brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves leads to the condition where messages from the brain do not reach the affected body parts. This condition usually results in muscle weakness, poor balance and coordination, uncontrolled muscle spasm and tremors, loss of function and decreased sensation.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological Physiotherapy is the medical process which widens and kick-starts the message transferring pathways, with which the brain is struggling to coordinate. Furthermore, it establishes new improve pathways through repetitive actions, exercises and techniques. Many patients who have undergone Neurological Physiotherapy have shown great improvement in symptoms such as mental and physical imbalance or lack of coordination among hands and arms or legs and feet. Neuro Physiotherapy aims to identify and maximize the movement ability and the quality of life.

A Neurological Physiotherapist will follow a full physical assessment along with the detailed medical history of the patient’s past as well as current medical condition. The Physiotherapist might also include family consultation to decide appropriate aims of treatment. Meanwhile, the treatment programme will be specific to the patient which may include – education, posture awareness, training, stretching, strengthening, sitting balance, standing balance as well as walking practice.

Neurological Physiotherapy helps regain your strength, Improve movement potential and restore your balance

Conditions treated with Neuro Physiotherapy

The therapist must plan the treatment minutely and execute it systematically. Because it not only involves strength and movement potential development but it also includes the use of existing strength. Physiotherapy for neurological conditions varies with exercise therapy for an ortho and cardiac condition. Here are a few common conditions that Neurological Physiotherapy effectively treats:

  • Functional Neurological Disorders
  • Stroke
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Head Injury and Traumatic brain injuries
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease

Indo Global Physiotherapy

Indo Global Physiotherapy are amongst the best Neurology Physiotherapy Clinics. We are blessed with some best highly trained and professional Neuro Physiotherapists. They hold expertise in treating almost all types of neurological conditions as mentioned above. Firstly, at the time of consultation we assess and create personal goals. However, we believe every patient has a different treatment goal be it taking up their favourite sport again or walking or running. Our Neurological Physiotherapy specialists carry out our treatment sessions. The therapist will do an initial assessment to determine the need of further assessments such as occupational therapy or speech therapy. Along with our excellent treatments will also provide additional therapies to accelerate the treatment progress.

Our Neuro department in the clinic is equipped with the best latest equipment in the fields of High Intensity Class 4 Laser Therapy, Ultrasonic Therapy, Theraband Station, Shoulder Wheel, Radiofrequency, IFT, TENS, Traction Table, Kinesio Taping, Stationary Cycle, Swiss Ball, Paraffin Wax Bath, Hot as well as Cold packs, Balance equipment and many more. Our highly advanced machines aids in the quick recovery of our patients suffering from joint and muscular pains or any other disorder in the body. The staff is highly qualified to handle these equipment. Our trained staff and technology advancement are the key features that makes us the best Neuro Physiotherapy Clinic.


Indo Global Physiotherapy offers Neuro Physiotherapy treatments at the best price in the market. With our best experienced and certified Neuro Physiotherapists, we offer effective treatments. Our appointments are available for clinic as well as for home. Meanwhile, for patients who are undergoing a chronic pain or condition, which makes it difficult for them to travel for regular sessions, we offer In-Home treatment sessions. These sessions will help the patients to recover in the comfort of their own home. Moreover, they get undivided attention of the Physiotherapist which helps them analyse their condition and progress better. The individualized treatment is not only time saving but they are also economical, as the travel conveyance is saved. Moreover, our services are available 24*7. You can visit our official website i.e. www.indoglobalphysiotherapy.com and you can contact at 0124-4197463 or 9711631785 to book an appointment with us now!