What is Slipped Disc? How can Physiotherapy help?

What is Slipped Disc? How can Physiotherapy help?

The inter-vertebral discs separates the top 24 vertebrae which protects our spine, from each other. They are the ligaments that hold the spinal vertebrae together. There are total 23 inter-vertebral discs and has two parts – a soft gel-like inner core called nucleus pulposes and a tough circular exterior known as annulus fibrosus. However, sometimes weakness, old age or an injury can cause the gel from the inner core to leak through the tough circular exterior. This condition is known as Slipped disc. It can result in severe pain and discomfort since, it can put pressure on one of the spinal nerves which causes unbearable pain, tingling or numbness along that nerve. Moreover, few activities like lifting heavy objects can lead to slipped or herniated disc. This is generally seen in men.

Symptoms of Slipped Disc:

The symptoms of slipped disc are as follows-

  • The patient feels a pain that increases with movements like moving, coughing or raising legs.
  • Radiating pain extending from shoulder or neck to arms or legs
  • Numbness and pain on one side of the body
  • Sudden pain in thumbs and hands
  • Burning or needle pricking sensation in the limbs


Patients must consult a doctor as soon as the symptoms start showing. If back or neck pain lasts more than a few days, it can be a slipped disc at earlier stage. Firstly, for its diagnosis, the doctor will do a physical examination to analyse the source of pain, muscle strength and nerve function in the affected area. They might also recommend imaging tests like X-ray, MRI or CT scans for proper diagnosis.

Manual therapies used in Physiotherapy for Slipped Disc


After diagnosis, when the doctor confirms the disorder he will advise you various treatments. Surgery is a last option for patients who do not find relief or respond to physical therapies. Generally, doctors recommend the patients to go for Physiotherapy for Slipped Disc. The biggest reason why people choose Physiotherapy for Slipped Disc treatment because it works on the cause of the pain rather than suppressing it. Our physiotherapists uses manual therapy and electrotherapy to reduce the pain. Simultaneously, along with medications, physiotherapy works wonder.

Physiotherapy for Slipped Disc:

Physiotherapy for Slipped Disc plays a major role in the treatment plan. It provides instant relief and prevents further damage. Moreover, for patients who have undergone surgery can also choose Physiotherapy as it promotes quick recovery. A Physiotherapist will recommend these exercises for Slipped Disc treatment-

  • Stretching

The more active the body is, the better condition it will remain in. Exercises and physical activities helps the body to respond effectively to the treatment. The patient will be advised to keep these exercises in regular practice to reduce and then eventually eliminate the pain.

Aerobic Exercises

Including simple aerobic exercises in the treatment plan will be of great help in most of the cases. Consequently, the patients need not to undergo an intense cardio program or heavy workout to treat the condition.

  • Yoga

Yoga programs improves the strength and flexibility of the muscles. They also offer instant relief from acute pain occurring due to the condition. However, different people respond differently to various yoga postures. Therefore, consult your therapist for the best posture.

  • Dynamic Lumbar Stabilization exercises

These exercises focus on abdominal and back muscles to provide good posture, flexibility and strength to the muscles. Additionally, exercises such as walking, cycling or swimming are also recommended.

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