Sacroiliac Joints (SI Joints) are a critical linkage system between your lower spine and pelvis. Due to trauma, muscle weakness or just extra mobility, the sacroiliac joints can have excessive uncontrolled motion. This allows the sacroiliac joints to adopt an abnormal or stressed joint position, which may result in SI Joint Dysfunction or Pain. It causes pain in the buttocks and lower back of the body; prolonged standing, as well as climbing stairs, worsens the pain.

Causes – SIJ Joint Dysfunction can occur due to Severe injury, Pregnancy, Infection, Arthritis or consumption of Intravenous drugs.

Indo Global Physiotherapy provides the best treatment for SIJ Joint Dysfunction. Our Physiotherapists use manual therapy, flexibility exercises, strengthening exercises, body mechanics, modalities, braces, etc. for the Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Treatment.