Occupational Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease
Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

Occupational therapy helps people throughout their lifespan to do the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of their daily activities (occupations). The occupational therapist allows people of all ages to live their life to its fullest by helping them. They promote health and prevent injury, illness, or disability. Occupational therapy involves providing help with changes in relationship dynamics by promoting the maintenance of normal roles, daily routines, and social habits as much as possible. It provides support to patients to continue their working comfortably. The professionals who practice Occupational Therapy are known as Occupational Therapist.

Treatments offered by Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps:

  1. Children with disabilities to participate fully in school and social situations.
  2. People to recover from injury to regain their skills.
  3. Elderly people or adults experiencing physical and cognitive changes
  4. People suffering from Parkinson’s Disease

Services offered by Occupational therapy

In the first visit to the clinic, the Occupational Therapist will carry out the assessment for making the treatment plan. Occupational therapy services include:

  • an individualized evaluation for the treatment, during which the family members along with the patient can determine the specialized treatment plan with the advice of the expert Occupational Therapist
  • The treatment goal is to improve the person’s ability to perform daily activities and reach the goals feasibly
  • Regular interventions in the record of the patient to check progress or to make changes in the treatment plan

How is Occupational Therapy helpful in Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease causes the person to move more slowly than normal. Its symptoms include tightness, pain, and weakness, especially in the muscles and joints. Occupational therapy may help in providing relief from these symptoms. It helps people with Parkinson’s disease to stay active in their daily life. Occupational Therapy improves the person’s skills, shows different ways to complete tasks, or introduces to handy equipment.  The Occupational Therapist helps to perform normal day to day activities comfortably and easily. An Occupational Therapist may also recommend a few changes in the home or workplace to promote their independence.

Role of Occupational Therapy

The role of the occupational therapist is to provide assessment, treatment, and recommendations in the following areas:

Improves Mobility: They help people in walking, avoiding all non-essential talking while moving, to pause while speaking, and touching something solid to help in balancing while walking, sitting or standing. They may also advise on modifying the home or adding walking aids for help.

Preventing falls: The occupational therapist aims to reduce the risk of falls. They help them to concentrate while walking and using alternative equipment when carrying objects. They also teach them how to sit and stand properly while on a chair, sofa, bed or toilets.

Bed mobility: They also teach movement methods for changing positions in bed, adjusting a position, and getting out of bed.

Posture: The therapist teaches proper postures to the person for sleeping, standing or sitting. They also modify their daily routine or sleeping routine.

Domestic skills: Due to loss of coordination and balance, the person might experience a reduction in ability to multitask. This might affect meal preparations, household works, and shopping. The therapist helps to regain their strength and perform tasks more efficiently.

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