How to choose the best Orthopaedic Physiotherapy in Gurgaon?

How to choose the best Orthopaedic Physiotherapy in Gurgaon?

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy deals with the treatment of musculoskeletal system (muscular and skeletal system) which is made up of joints, bones, muscles and cartilages that has been injured or suffered a trauma. The orthopaedic physiotherapists deals with the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of the malfunctioning of muscular and skeletal system. The physiotherapists restores the body to its full functioning through pain relief as well as raising the joint range and enhancing power, strength, and flexibility. The physiotherapists treat conditions like sprains, strains, post fracture, post-surgery and repetitive injuries. Furthermore, the areas of the body include the neck and back as well the extremities. 

Treatments offered:-

Indo Global Physiotherapy provides best Orthopaedic Physiotherapy in Gurgaon. Our physiotherapists offers a wide range of treatments of conditions such as:

  1. Pre and Post-Surgical Care of all Orthopaedic Conditions
  2. Balance/Vertigo Rehabilitation
  3. Postural Training
  4. Arthritis Management
  5. Back/Neck Rehabilitation
  6. Joint Pain Management
  7. Headache Management
  8. Manual Therapy/McKenzie Treatment
  9. Spinal Stabilization
  10. Muscle and Ligament Strains and Sprains
  11. Myofascial Release
  12. Auto Accident Injuries
  13. Work Injuries

Why Indo Global Physiotherapy?

  • Experienced and Certified Physiotherapists-

Each of our physiotherapists hold a vast experience in treatment of various conditions effectively. In addition, they have been employed only after their qualification have been strictly verified. Our Physiotherapists are certified and highly qualified to provide best treatments to our patients.

  • Advanced Technology-

Indo Global Physiotherapy provides a complete range of pain management technologies for our Orthopaedic Physiotherapy. Therefore, our physiotherapists uses the latest advanced technology to provide the best possible treatment to every patient. With our latest advanced physical therapies, we have been successfully serving patients all over Gurgaon, Delhi NCR.

  • Highly Equipped Physiotherapy Clinic –

Indo Global Physiotherapy has a highly equipped physiotherapy clinic with imported electrotherapy machines to provide evidence-based physiotherapy. Our clinic has all the necessary equipment, modalities, and a sophisticated exercise and fitness regime. Meanwhile, our physiotherapists have been facilitated with all these amenities to ensure that each patient receives the best possible treatment.

In-Home Physiotherapy –

We not only provide physiotherapy at our highly advanced clinic, but we also provide in-home physiotherapy for our patients. It is not always possible for the patients to travel from their home to the clinic on a regular basis. Therefore, for those patients who cannot reach us, we are offering home visits by our physiotherapists to them. So now you can get the best orthopaedic physiotherapy in the comfort of your own home.

  • Physiotherapy for bedridden patients-

For people who are suffering from a serious condition such as paralysis, total hip replacement, sciatica, disc problem, back pain, cervical pain, etc. As a result, It is difficult for them to travel and pay visits to our clinic. Since, physiotherapy requires a number of sessions, we offer physiotherapy at home. Hence, with our advanced techniques we treat and ease the pain of such patients.

  • Other Therapies –

Moreover, apart from treating the acute and chronic pains, there are several other therapies that the patients might require in a combination. Our clinic is fully equipped with highly advanced equipment such as equipment for Class 4 High-Intensity Laser Therapy, Electrotherapy, Ultrasound Therapy, TENS, Manual Therapy, and Dry Needling Therapy and others.

With these facilities, Indo Global Physiotherapy has successfully treated patients over these years. Meanwhile , the accuracy of our treatments and effectiveness has helped us to establish a positive reputation among the health sector. Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of our patient’s life and help them heal quickly under our guidance. Thus, we aim to ease their pain and help them resume back to their normal life which was deteriorating along with their health.

Moreover, our members are 24*7 available to answer your call. Consult our experienced professionals and get the best orthopaedic physiotherapy.