How effective is Physiotherapy for treating ankle sprain?

How effective is Physiotherapy for treating ankle sprain?

Ankle Sprain is a very common injury that refers to the strain of the ligaments supporting the ankle joint. Generally, it is the ligaments on the outside of the ankle that suffers injury (known as a lateral ankle sprain) because ligaments on the inside of the ankle are much broader and stronger as compared to the outside ligaments.

Lateral Ankle Sprains occurs when the foot inversion (foot rolls inwards under the leg) takes place. This causes sprain in the ligaments on the outside of the ankle that prevents this movement. Sometimes, this may happen during walking or running on uneven ground or while changing directions suddenly. People usually roll their ankle many a times in their lifetime although not serious enough to cause a sprain. People generally think that such injuries do not need rehabilitation. However, rehabilitation must occur after ankle sprains to reduce their chances of re-occurrence.

Symptoms of Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains usually happens after incidents such as foot rolling inwards or stepping on a pothole. These lead to pain and swelling of the affected ligaments, and may even cause difficulty in walking. This pain disrupts the functions of the muscles. It is a very common condition in people involved in some sports. However, Physiotherapy can bring a lot of relief and quick recovery in this case.

Diagnosis of Ankle Sprain

A Physiotherapist will have to first assess the severity of the injury. For instance, they will perform various tests to examine the stability of the joint. Moreover, if there is significant tenderness over the bones around your ankle or making you unable to walk, the Physio might prescribe an X-Ray test. The main goal of the Physiotherapist will be to help you regain the strength, mobility and function around your ankle since these injuries tend to become recurrent.

Physiotherapist using manual therapies to treat ankle sprain

Physical Therapies used during Rehabilitation

After successful assessment, the Physiotherapist will prepare a program of exercises. Meanwhile, you will be able to begin moving your ankle or walk around on the ankle from day one and as result this will even accelerate your healing.

Strengthening and Balance Exercises –

The Physiotherapist will prescribe exercises to regain movement at the ankle and also strengthen the muscles around the ankle. These balancing exercises are also referred to as neuromuscular exercises sometimes.

Mobilisation and Manual Therapy –

During an ankle sprain, it is important to regain the full range of motion and also reduce the pain quickly to resume back to the normal life and activities. The Physiotherapist may mobilise around your ankle joint as well as use soft tissue work to reduce swelling or muscle tightness.

Taping and Bracing –

In addition to the exercises and therapies, taping or bracing your ankle might prove to be beneficial. While returning to your normal activities, these will support your ligaments and muscles and moreover give you the confidence to use your ankle for full function.

How effective is Physiotherapy?

It was found that only around 7% of these lateral ankle sprains receive medical attention or active treatment. It was estimated that almost 30-40% of ankle sprains go on having recurrent instability. Therefore, it becomes important that a person goes for proper rehabilitation and treatment for ankle sprains.

Exercises have proved to be effective to reduce the pain, return to the work or activity more quickly and also prevent further injuries. Mobilisation and Manual Therapies have proved to be effective to improve the motion range and also reduce pain within a short span of time. Taping and bracing have also helped in reducing future injuries and contributed in rehabilitation. Ice is also helpful to reduce the pain and anti-inflammatory medications are also recommended.

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