Back Pain – How effective is Physiotherapy for back pain?

Back Pain – How effective is Physiotherapy for back pain?

Patients who are suffering from most types of back pain are referred for physiotherapy for back pain generally for four weeks as an initial (non-surgical) treatment option before considering other more invasive treatments. Firstly the Physiotherapist will assess the causes for your back pain. Then, they will put your spinal joints in motion and advice you to maintain your thoracic mobility which is vitally important for a healthy back. The Physiotherapist will then deeply examine your spine and your thoracic mobility. After a proper discussion of your condition, they will use manual therapies and other treatment techniques to help you regain your lost mobility and resume back to the normal activities which have been disrupted with this pain.

The Physiotherapist gives instructions on how to correct your postures (sitting and sleeping basically) and also sometimes, prescribe therapeutic exercises to support your spine. However, in a case where the therapist is suspicious about a basic medical condition that might be the cause of your back pain, they will refer you to a physician for further examination.


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Some basic tips advised by expert Physiotherapists for back pain:-

Improve Flexibility

Having flexibility in all directions refers to having a great spinal health. Therefore, the initial step to prevent or cure back pain is to improve and maintain your flexibility or stretchability. If a person’s thorax (part of a body between the neck and abdomen) has limited rotational movement, more load and stress can get transferred to your back, neck or even other body parts. However, for instance you can check your thorax flexibility by sitting in a chair with your arms placed in a crossed position, circled around your stomach. Then turn to your left and right equally and see behind yourself. If you have a flexible spine you’ll be able to do this and if not, you need to improve your flexibility before it turns into a pain.

Changing positions while working

Mostly people who work on computers or sit on a desk all day long, suffer from back pain at some point of time. This is because the sitting in a same posture for too long, increases pressure on the spine which soon degrades its health. Therefore, make sure that you get up and take a walk around for few minutes after you have been on your computer or desk for about 30 minutes or so. This change of posture will allow the blood and fluids to flow to the spine. Moreover, ensure that the work desk, computer and chair are positioned in a manner for proper sitting and standing posture. As a result, these habits will prevent pain and encourage best postures.

Exercise regularly

Exercises are the best way to prevent or cure deteriorating health. Not only does it keeps the mind healthy but it also enhances physical health. Therefore, put the exercises in a habit to regain the optimal control of your deep spinal muscles or core. Consequently, these regular exercises will help strengthen the core of the spine.

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