How can Physiotherapy help in improving coordination?

How can Physiotherapy help in improving coordination?

Generally, Physiotherapy involves exercising and manipulating the body. Whether the patient is suffering from any physical disorder, injury, or just simply wants to improve their physical health, Physiotherapy is the only answer. It can help improve joint and muscle functioning, which directly means improving coordination, muscle strength, posture, range-of-motion, and overall fitness.

What is Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)?

Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) is a movement (motor) skill disorder. It isn’t related to any physical disorders, for instance, cerebral palsy, or to any intelligence disorders. DCD usually affects school-going children or children in their learning age. Children with DCD have poor coordination skills below the normal expected levels in accordance with their age and intellect. These movement problems constantly interfere in their overall schooling performance and everyday activities. DCD affects the parts of the brain that are responsible to help in learning or memorizing basic things that involve movements. Each motor task might seem new to the child, regardless of how many times they have repeated it.

Symptoms of DCD

Only parents can initially identify symptoms of DCD in their child. However, symptoms of DCD may not become apparent until the child reaches its school age.

  1. It can possibly be identified when the child does not play during recess or takes too long to complete schoolwork.
  2. Children with DCD are not able to skip, run, jump, or hop on one foot.
  3. They take too long to get dressed, cannot write well or use other hand-held objects properly such as scissors.
  4. They are unable to throw or catch a ball accurately.
  5. They may express feelings of low self-esteem and show a lack of interest in playing with other children.

How can Physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapy can help in many ways in improving DCD by enhancing:

Muscle strength –

When a muscle is weak, the movement against gravity alone is stressing. Professional physiotherapists exactly know which areas of the body need to be improved in order to enhance the muscle strength of a particular body part. There are many exercises that help in increasing muscle strength of different parts of the body. As muscle strength increases, the resistance gradually increases by using stretching bands or weights. This is how the muscle size and strength is increased by improving the overall endurance.

Coordination and Balance –

Physiotherapists perform specific tests to determine the strength of motor development. They may ask you to walk on a straight line, or a balance beam. Various coordination and balance exercises can help people do specific tasks. The exercises involve repeating specific movements that involves more than one joint and muscle. For instance, picking up an object or touching a body part.

Walking and Balancing –

Walking independently with appropriate coordination of all the muscles might be the goal of the physiotherapy treatment plan. Physiotherapists will first examine the child’s ability to balance properly while standing. To improve balance, they will improve a particular joint’s range of motion or muscle strength before starting walking or balancing exercises.

Indo Global Physiotherapy

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