How can Physiotherapy help in Cerebellar Ataxia treatment?

How can Physiotherapy help in Cerebellar Ataxia treatment?

Cerebellar Ataxia refers to a disorder which is occurs due to damage or inflammation in cerebellum. Cerebellum is a part of the brain which is responsible to control the balance and coordination. During Cerebellar Ataxia, it is unable to function properly. It affects the nervous system by decreasing balance and coordination, generally in the legs and arms. The term “Ataxia” here refers to the lack of fine control of voluntary movements. There are 3 types of cerebellar ataxia – acute, chronic progressive and recurrent forms all with similar symptoms and treatment. Mostly, young children are diagnosed with acute cerebellar ataxia following a viral infection. Current and chronic cerebellar ataxia may occur due to stroke, migraine, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, seizures and other genetic, acute or autoimmune diseases. Therefore, professional must only perform the treatment of this disorder.

Symptoms of Cerebellar Ataxia and its Diagnosis

The symptoms of cerebellar ataxia may appear as uncoordinated movements in the limbs, unsteadiness, clumsiness, abnormal eye movements and also visual complaints. A physician does Its diagnosis through tests such as spinal tap, MRI, CT scan, blood tests, urine test and nerve conduction study.

Treatment of Cerebellar Ataxia

Its treatment includes treating the underlying condition and symptoms. Moreover, medications are also used sometimes for better improvement of the coordination along with occupational or physical therapy. Generally, the patients get reference for a physiotherapist or Neuro-physiotherapist at an early stage. Rehabilitation is effective in improving postural disorders in patients with Cerebellar Ataxia. Physical therapies are beneficial to improve balance and posture against outside stimuli, increase joint stabilization, develop independent functional gait and also promote independence of the patient.

Physical therapies during Physiotherapy session for Cerebellar Ataxia

Therapy of Balance

The major symptom of Cerebellar Ataxia is the lack of balance. Therefore, Physical therapies are ideal to help improve the balance. A certified physician must prescribe these therapies which will be further carry out by an experienced Physiotherapist. Mat activities such as moving onto the forearms from lying face down; crawling; and moving onto the knees and into a sitting position helps in stabilizing the trunk and proximal muscles. Moreover, gait training must also be included as it is an excellent indicator of stabilization and balance.

Video-Game based Coordinative Training

This training is beneficial for children suffering from ataxia because it focuses on intensive coordination training which makes use of whole-body controlled video games. A child who could not walk without support has shown improvement in an 8 week training program of this technique. These are best effective when perform by a physiotherapist to ensure the correct movements and safety.

Therapy for Proprioception

Cerebellum controls the Proprioception which involves knowing where the body parts are located in space and in relation to each other. This therapy includes plyometric exercises, balance board and mini trampoline exercises. Vibration and suit therapies are also two most popular therapies to improve proprioception, posture and movement. One can also add Yoga in the treatment plan. This therapy should be prescribed by a physician and hence carried out by a professional Physiotherapist.

Biofeedback for balance and gait

The use of several forms of biofeedback has been beneficial in bringing improvements in the patients with cerebellar ataxia. Consequently, Biofeedback of head position has improved postural sway. It is delivered with the help of a tongue-placed electro-tactile system with eyes closed.

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