10 reasons – How Physiotherapy treatment is beneficial?

10 reasons – How Physiotherapy treatment is beneficial?

Physiotherapy is beneficial for people of all age groups, suffering with a medical condition, illness or injury that has ruptured their ability to move and function properly. Along with the medications, when we add Physiotherapy to the medical routines, it has shown great effects. A customized physiotherapy program can help the individuals to resume back to their prior level of functioning. Moreover, it encourages physical activities and brings changes in lifestyles that help prevent further injuries, improves overall health and enhances well-being. At the first sign of problem, a physician generally refers the patients to Physiotherapy, since it is considered as an initial conservative approach to manage health issues. There are a lot of reasons why it is considered so important.

Below we have provided 10 basic reasons which shows how beneficial Physiotherapy is:
  1. It reduces or eliminates pain –

A Physiotherapist uses various curative exercises along with manual therapy techniques for instance, joint and tissue mobilization. Moreover, they use treatments such as ultrasound, taping or electrical stimulation which helps to provide relief from the pain and restore the muscle and joint functions, thereby reducing or completely eliminating pain. These therapies are also effective to prevent the pain from reoccurring.

2. It prevents or aids in surgery –

With the provided physical therapies, if the pain is eliminated or you start healing from an injury, surgery may not be required. Or in case where surgery is needed, a patient can be vastly be benefitted from a pre-surgery Physiotherapy. For instance, if a person goes for a surgery stronger, healthier and in better condition, they will recover faster from it. Moreover, by avoiding a surgery, the health care costs are reduced.

3. It improves mobility –

People having difficulty in mobility (walking, standing or moving) can get a lot of help from Physiotherapy, irrespective of the patient’s age. With exercises like Stretching and Strengthening, the person can recover his/her ability to move. A Physiotherapist can properly fit the patient with crutches, cane or other assistive devices or even assess for an orthotic prescription, if needed. Moreover, they can customize an individual care plan by adding whatever activities are necessary for an individual. Meanwhile this plan can/must be practiced and adapted to ensure maximum performance and safety of the person.

Therapist providing exercises during Physiotherapy
4. It helps in recovering from a stroke –

One of the most common consequences of a stroke are loss of functioning and movement to some degrees at least. But, with the help of physiotherapy, one can regain the lost strength of the weakened body parts and improve the manner of walking and balance. Moreover, Physiotherapists help to improve the patient’s ability to move around in bed or change positions in order to make them a bit more independent in their house. In addition to this, they also help the patients take care of their toileting, bathing, dressing and other normal day to day activities.

5. It helps recover or prevent sports injury –

Physiotherapists understand how different sports bring risks of different injuries along with them. Therefore, they can frame an appropriate recovery or prevention exercise program so that you can heal or avoid your sports injury.

6. It can help prevent falls and improve balance –

When a person starts with Physiotherapy, they will go through a screening test to determine fall risks. In case the Physiotherapist finds high risks for falls, they will provide exercise to improve your coordination and balance by mimicking real-life challenging situations. In case the balance problem is occurring due to vestibular system disorder, the therapist will provide respective exercises to restore proper vestibular functioning while reducing and eliminating the symptoms of dizziness or vertigo.

7. It helps manage diabetes and vascular conditions –

Physiotherapy can be effectively included in an overall Diabetes management plan. The exercises help to control the blood sugar level effectively. However, diabetic patients can have problems with sensation in their feet. Therefore, the physiotherapists can provide and guide them about the proper foot care.

8. It manages age-related issues –

As people age, they tend to develop issues such as arthritis or osteoporosis. They might even require a joint replacement. Physiotherapists excel in treating patients with these conditions as well as help them recover quickly from joint replacement.

9. It manages heart and lung diseases –

After a heart attack or cardiac surgery, a patient may choose Cardiac Rehabilitation. In addition to it, if still the person’s daily life activities are affected they can improve their condition with further physiotherapy. However, in case of pulmonary diseases, physiotherapist can help improve the quality of life with the help of strengthening, conditioning and breathing exercises, while helping the patient clear fluid in their lungs.

10. It helps manage women’s health and other conditions –

Women require special care during pregnancy and after giving birth to her child. Physiotherapy in this regards is capable to offer specialised treatment to improve their overall health. In addition, they can also provide treatment for breast cancer, constipation, pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, and many more.

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